When should you review your HR policies?

When you’re running an SME, there so many parts of the business to keep an eye on that HR policies can sometimes slip through the cracks. While other tasks may seem like a priority at the time, having updated HR policies is critical to your business – you wouldn’t use an outdated sales process, so why have outdated HR?

You should review your HR policies:


You should schedule a regular review of your HR policies at least once a year to ensure that they reflect your current business operations and values.

During Business Growth

As your business grows it will undoubtedly go through a number of changes – whether they be industry-wide or company-specific. It’s important that you review your HR policies as your business changes to ensure that they are still relevant to your current situation.

As Laws Change

Employment laws and regulations change occasionally and if your old HR policies don’t comply with the new rules, you could be liable to (costly & timely) legal action.

After Incident or Policy Violations

When there’s an incident or policy violation within a business, it’s a good idea to review the HR policies to determine whether the action should be considered as such based on the current circumstances, or if changes need to be made to ensure the policies are fair to everyone in the workplace.

When there are major changes in circumstances

If there is anything to take away from 2020, it’s that your circumstances can change rapidly. In the event of a major circumstance change for your business or employees, it’s recommended that you review your HR policies and adapt them to accommodate any new business needs. Imagine 2020 with no work-from-home policy!

Whether you use a standard set of HR policies or a bespoke set, having a clear framework of what your employees can expect from their employer but also what you can expect from your employees is a great way of working in a clear and defined way.

For help reviewing your existing HR policies or developing new HR policies that suit your business needs, get in touch with our team.