What our clients say

We positively encourage feedback and take our clients’ feedback seriously. We know each client is unique in their own way and, as such,  we want to give you the service to best reflect your business. We can only do this if you tell us!

We are delighted, however, that our clients have shared this feedback with us and can showcase what we do.

Stuart Jones

Office Manager, Accounts & HR at Bunk Group Ltd.

May 2, 2019

Highly recommend Ian Bradley as HR consultant. Helped us with various projects evolving creating two types of contracts and an employee handbook for our business. Ian is very relatable and easy to work with, it’s been pleasure working with him and will be continuing to do so in the future. Thanks Ian.

Graeme Coleman

General Manager - Business Improvement at Scientific Laboratory Supplies

May 2, 2019

Ian has been a great source of advice to me on a wide range of HR related issues – he is really knowledgeable and always gives good well-reasoned advice.

Charlotte Moreland

Managing Director at Training for Business and NHTA Ltd

May 3, 2019

Ian has helped my business out several times for both general HR advice, policies and also on dealing directly with employee performance management issues. This has been far superior to a membership based employment law company we had used and I would recommend to any business to use Ian for anything HR orientated.

Keith Tucker

VP for HR at Novartis Consumer Health

October 5, 2009

I had the opportunity to work with Ian, and was impressed with his detailed knowledge of human resources practices, and his level of engagement with the plant management and employees. I enjoyed working with Ian, and seeing him grow in his role

Shirley Turlukowsky

HR Director at Bakkavorl

July 10, 2011

Ian Bradley was employed as a Senior HR Officer as part of the HR restructure ahead of a major change programme. During the time Ian worked within my team he led a number of recruitment projects, engaging with recruitment agencies to gain competitive rates and to gain high calibre candidates. Ian also played a major role in the communication of a number of forth coming change programmes and the introduction of new roles and responsibilities for management roles as well as the performance management system. His previous experiences within both public and private sector offered him the skills and knowledge to carry out these duties with confidence.

Lee Stephens

MD, Solicitor at Bridge Employment Law Solicitors

December 12, 2016

I have worked with Ian for over 5 years, he is a very able and highly commercial HR Manager, with a broad range of hands on HR experience, both working on large scale complex employment matters as well as senior board level matters too. Ian’s approach is no nonsense and very pragmatic, he gets the job done and has an excellent record of managing challenging change HR projects upon which we have worked together.

James Wrigley

President of Worldwide Operations at Checkpoint Systems

February 22, 2017

Ian is a commercially-driven HR Business Partner. He has made a significant contribution to our UK business, addressing a number of talent gaps in the organisation. Throughout his time at Checkpoint, he has adopted a solid approach to succession planning and talent development, putting in place formal talent development plans across the business

Jean-Marc Cuvelier

VP for HR Europe and Latin America

April 25, 2017

Ian is a solid and talented HR executive who not only covers the operation but also possesses a broad strategic business orientation. He is always looking ahead balancing the business and employees best interests. Ian also has what it takes to drive initiatives whether they are its own or coming from the business always with a yes we can attitude. During the time we worked together at Checkpoint, Ian had to face both growth periods where he did an excellent job filling talent gaps and creating succession and development plans but also episodes of restructuring where he looked out for Checkpoint’s interests as well as handling fairly the exiting employees. It has been a pleasure working with Ian and I would recommend him without reservation

Neville Payne MSyL

VP for UK at Checkpoint Systems

September 5, 2017

I have worked with Ian for several years & would have no problem recommending his services He is skilled & knowledgeable in all aspects of employment law & has saved us enormous costs at times with his judgments He is also very skilled when it comes to recruitment. Saving us time hassle and money with many appointments. He’s not a bad lad either considering he’s a Notts county fan! But then you can’t have everything Neville Payne VP Checkpoint systems

Carol Roy

Senior Vice President of HR at Checkpoint Systems

October 6, 2017

Ian was part of the Checkpoint global HR team when I was the SVP of HR. I had many occasions to work directly with Ian on sensitive and difficult employee matters. He was always objective, fair and very professional. But he was also caring and respectful and sensitive. It is that balance that made him one of our very strong performing HR team members. Ian was able to be an employee advocate, a knowledgeable business partner and a very reliable HR team member. Ian worked independently but also was an outstanding supporter of our global initiatives around talent, employee recognition and engagement and performance management. He always gave the extra time and focus when needed and was well respected by the management team, employees and his HR colleagues. I highly endorse Ian and would welcome the chance anytime to have him part of an organization where I worked

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