Recruitment services and consultants

As part of our complete HR and recruitment solution, we offer you the ability to leave your vacancies with us to recruit on your behalf. We manage the whole process, from job advertising to making offers, taking the stress away from you and saving you precious time.

We can place adverts in your name or ours, pre-screen those applicants, headhunt and utilise links with apprenticeship providers as well as tap into our extensive network through Linked-In ready to present you with a shortlist to interview.

However, if you fancy trying something different we also offer a unique opportunity to have your own internal recruiter on a consultancy basis.

Have you always desired to have your own internal recruiter but could not justify the salary cost or have the volume of roles to make it worth-while?

We can offer all the benefits of an internal recruiter – dedicated resource, putting your interests first, being a brand ambassador for the company, giving your potential employees a great first interaction with your business and then there’s the cost savings…. Working on a consultancy basis means you pay for the time it takes us to recruit, not the lump sum that you would pay a recruitment agency.

The way we see it, is that there will always be roles that are incredibly difficult to recruit for, that require time, expertise and a certain level of creativity to recruit your best person. These roles are tough, stressful and you definitely feel like you are looking for that needle in a haystack . As a recruiter, when you find that elusive, perfect candidate, you have earnt your fee – no question.

But what about the roles that are easy to recruit for?

What about the role where the candidate is already registered with the agency and one phone call later, you have your perfect CV in front of you?

What about the roles where you need multiples of the same candidate? One recruitment process, but individual fees for each candidate, and the costs quickly stack up.

Why should you have to pay the same level of fee where the process has been much quicker and easier?

We seek to level the playing field and ensure that you get a more balanced experience of recruitment. Why shouldn’t you benefit from some quick wins too?

Work with us and we can offer you a level of flexibility and personalisation to provide you the recruitment service you want. Either being based in your offices or ours, we can offer a truly flexible service to give you best value for money without compromising on quality.

We can work with you on a regular basis, providing a continual internal recruitment service or we can wait for your call and pick up individual vacancies as they arise.

No big placement fees but no permanent salary either – your own internal recruiter on a consultancy, day rate basis.

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