Sickness & Absenteeism Management

Do you have a recurring case of “Monday-itius”?

Do you have a long term sickness you are looking to support?

Do you want to put in place a sickness policy?

With careful and sensitive management, sickness and absenteeism can be handled and all parties can feel they have been treated fairly and properly. Whether there are underlying issues or links to performance, we might be able to resolve issues manifesting in sickness.

Supporting your employees through illness is the right thing to do but when that sickness is having an adverse effect on your business, it needs to be addressed.

Short term persistent sickness is costly and disruptive which leads to a loss of working days for you, potential negative impact on other team members carrying the burden or, even worse, setting a precedent for how a whole workforce behaves.

We can provide a short-term absence procedure to help reduce the number of days taken off sick and ensure it is done in the right way.

This procedure will include ensuring that your business has a sickness absence policy that is clearly communicated in writing to all employees along with the next steps they will need to take such as who to contact and what evidence to provide. It is also important that you outline what is expected of them while they are sick e.g. how often would it be acceptable for the business to contact them and by what means would that communication happen?

It’s not hard once you start managing the process and will quickly see a reduction in absenteeism.

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