Redundancy Process

One of the hardest HR decisions to make is a redundancy. Normally the person has done nothing wrong but it’s an economical decision. It’s never nice to have to make an employee redundant, but unfortunately it is essential to help the business continue trading.

What is the redundancy process?

If you are considering reducing your team, you need to follow a certain redundancy process to avoid ending up in hot water. This includes properly managing the redundancy notice period, redundancy pay and voluntary redundancy. The five essential stages of the redundancy process are

  1. Creating a strong business case for redundancies
  2. Exploring alternative options to redundancies – and actively seeking to utilise these rather than making an employee redundant
  3.  Selecting employee(s) for redundancy
  4. Holding a consultative meeting with the affected employees
  5. Finalising the process

Any dismissal can be risky but, when handled correctly, all risk can be reduced.

How do we handle the redundancy process?

We work closely with you every step of the way throughout the redundancy procedures so you are making the decisions and are fully aware of any risks or issues which arise. We make sure the process is completed in a timely and professional manner so the employees at risk of redundancy is treated fairly and considerately.

We can liaise with solicitors on your behalf should the need arise with local solicitors that we have a long-standing and trusted relationships.

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