Performance Management & Appraisals

Addressing poor performance quickly is essential to ensure you have a highly effective team. However, leaving poor performance unaddressed can lead to excessive downtime, mistakes to orders, poor customer service and poor team morale. This all means costs to your business.
Whether an employee is within their probation or a long standing member of staff, there are no excuses for poor performance. An official performance management process can help to turn things around – this could be highly emotional and even awkward so we can step in to lead those conversations as an impartial third party and put in place actions to improve performance. If this does not result in an improvement we can lead you through a series of informal and formal disciplinary meetings.

However, before you reach poor performance, we strongly believe in an appraisal process. Having an annual appraisal system might seem old-fashioned and arduous but actually this can be a relatively simple way of opening up dialogue around your expectations and where you are looking for your employees to grow and develop over the coming 12 months. It is also a brilliant way to help build a succession plan and you can engineer your employees to fill in the gaps in their abilities to take on additional responsibility. This investment will pay dividends in the future.

Let us administer and organise this for you and if required, even sit in the appraisals and work with you to review last years objectives and set new ones for the forthcoming year.

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