Outplacement Support & Careers Support

When you have to make an employee redundant from the business, sometimes it is not their fault and it knocks them for six. They might have been in your business for years, been in a niche role or just feel very despondent about the future ahead of them. They might not have an updated CV, might not have attended an interview for years or not even know what sort of jobs they even want to apply for. You might feel it is the right thing to do to support them at this time and outplacement is the best mechanism to do this.

Outplacement support can help your redundant staff to develop skills needed to progress, consider their career options moving forward and gain valuable insights through exit interviews that enable your business to improve.

Outplacement support is also great for your business PR and staff morale – showing to your existing team and anyone associated to the employee being made redundant, that you care.

We can tailor a package to suit your employee and your budget!

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