Employee grievances, disciplinaries and investigations

In the event you are faced with disciplining an employee, it is important this is done correctly from the outset. We know a lot of employers will not address performance or conduct issues through fear of the law being weighed in the employee’s favour. This shouldn’t be the case; you are entitled to have certain expectations for your employees and where those are not met, let us guide you through the right steps to address these grievances and, if unresolved, move to dismissal.

Unless the misconduct is obvious, an investigation will always have to take place before the disciplinary hearing which much be conducted by someone who was not a part of the investigation. Here we can act as an impartial investigator or disciplinary member to support small businesses with lower numbers of staff.

Let’s face it, grievances and disciplinaries can be time-consuming, emotional and expensive processes if not done correctly. No-one wants to end up at a tribunal, but by following the proper disciplinary procedure, you can do everything to ensure you protect yourself as an employer.

Depending on the severity of the grievance, we can take 2 different routes:

  • We will walk you through every step of the grievance and disciplinary procedure, coaching you through every aspect so you can complete as much of the process yourself.
  • Or, we will take control and lead the conversation with you present.

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