HR Policy Reviews & Employee Handbooks

Getting the basics right at the very beginning is vital for a smooth, uncomplicated relationship with your employees. Making information easily accessible to your employees saves time but also gets rid of any element of doubt. Clear, robust rules and procedures also makes managing your staff easier.

We can issue your employees a handbook concisely outlining all the elements of employment with you. We can include as much or as little detail as you like and present these in a range of formats depending on your requirements.

Whether you use a standard set of HR policies or a bespoke set, having a clear framework of what your employees can expect from their employer but also what you can expect from your employees is a great way of working in a clear and defined way.

Furthermore, we would encourage you to review your HR policies on an annual basis to make sure they still reflect the law but also that you are happy with them and they reflect your business. We can help you to review your existing HR policies or to develop new HR policies that suit your business needs.

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