Tailored HR Support For All Businesses

We aim to support with the full life-cycle of an employee – from recruiting and inducting new employees, through all day to day HR issues, up until that employee exits the business, we are here for you.

In a simple, no-nonsense way, we are not here to bog you down in jargon or paperwork, we are here to help you with anything arising from the people you employ. Good or bad!!

Yes, there is a huge amount of law and regulations that apply to you as an employer.

Yes, those laws change all the time and new laws come into force, often without much public coverage.

Yes, there will be issues that arise with your employees.

But none of these things need to stop you from running your business – we are here to simply and easily advise you on what is best to do.

No matter how small a query might be, Bradley HR Solutions Ltd are here to help, as often, big issues can be nipped in the bud or at least managed from an early stage to prevent the big issues escalating into a stressful, time consuming period. You will effectively have your own HR Department at a fraction of the cost of employing your own HR team. Think of picking up the phone to us the same as wandering down the corridor for a quick question or piece of advice.

We know having confidential conversations can be tricky onsite so we are flexible to be where you need us, when you need us. We can come to your offices or, if more appropriate, meet offsite.

We take what we do really seriously and see our service as an extension of your business; no faceless call centres with a different person every time you call. We want to build a long-term relationship with you where you know you can call upon us at any time to provide real hands-on, practical advice for real businesses. We are fully insured with employer’s, public and professional indemnity insurance all in place. Not that we think we’ll need it but we want you to feel assured in trusting our advice and using our service.

  • Approachable but professional advice for all HR matters
  • Flexible to your needs as your business grows and develops
  • Cost effective
  • Honest, trustworthy and down to earth

We are happy to build a package of services which suit your business needs today:

  • The legal minimum of Employment contract and HR policies
  • An annual allowance of telephone/onsite support
  • Delivery of a specific project
  • Pay as you go HR advice

We don’t want to box our services into a tiered format like you may get from other consultancies. We don’t believe your business fits into a box so why should your HR advice? We want you to be able to mix and match our services which might mean we are speaking every day or catching up for the first time in 6 months. We are always there in the background when you need us and we will flex our service to reflect the needs of your business.

Please contact us to discuss your needs without fear of being tied into anything, heavily sold to or passed from pillar to post. Simple, personal, professional advice.

Call us today 0777 374 7396